Additional Directions


If Banns are to be published, the following form is used


I publish the Banns of Marriage between N.N. of __________.
and N.N. of __________.  If any of you know just cause why
they may not be joined together in Holy Matrimony, you are
bidden to declare it.  This is the first (or second, or third) time
of asking.


The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage may be used with any

authorized liturgy for the Holy Eucharist.  This service then replaces the
Ministry of the Word, and the Eucharist begins with the Offertory.


After the Declaration of Consent, if there is to be a giving in marriage, or
presentation, the Celebrant asks


Who gives (presents) this woman to be married to this man?


or the following


Who presents this woman and this man to be married to each other?


To either question, the appropriate answer is, "I do."  If more than one
person responds, they do so together.


For the Ministry of the Word it is fitting that the man and woman to be

married remain where they may conveniently hear the reading of

Scripture.  They may approach the Altar, either for the exchange of vows,
or for the Blessing of the Marriage.


It is appropriate that all remain standing until the conclusion of the

Collect.  Seating may be provided for the wedding party, so that all may

be seated for the Lessons and the homily.


The Apostles' Creed may be recited after the Lessons, or after the

homily, if there is one.


When desired, some other suitable symbol of the vows may be used in

place of the ring.



Marriage     437


At the Offertory, it is desirable that the bread and wine be presented to
the ministers by the newly married persons.  They may then remain before
the Lord's Table and receive Holy Communion before other members of
the congregation.



438    Marriage